4 Signs of a Quality Dental Cleaning

4 Signs of a Quality Dental Cleaning from All Smiles Dental Center in San Antonio, TXDid you recently have a dental cleaning? Read on to learn the signs that indicate your last dental cleaning was performed well and achieved its intended purpose, which is to remove plaque and tartar and make the mouth cleaner.

How can I tell if I had a quality dental cleaning?

A quality dental cleaning should leave your mouth feeling fresh. Teeth may also appear to be brighter and there may be noticeably less plaque and tartar accumulation on teeth and along the gum line. The gums may also feel different and begin to look healthier, as well.

Removal of plaque and tartar

The primary purpose of professional dental cleaning is to remove plaque and tartar build-up from dental enamel and along the gum line. Before the cleaning, most patients can feel small amounts of plaque on their teeth. After the cleaning, the teeth should feel different as all of the plaque and tartar has been removed.

A common misconception is that sensitivity after a dental cleaning means something went wrong. However, some minor sensitivity could be a sign of quality dental cleaning because the enamel is more exposed due to the removal of harmful plaque and tartar, and it can take a few days to adjust to the new feel.

Brighter teeth

Teeth often appear much whiter after a dental cleaning visit. This is not generally the intended purpose of a professional dental cleaning, and not all patients may experience brighter teeth if they did not have much plaque or tartar accumulation on their teeth. However, patients that do have plaque and tartar build-up may start to see teeth have a yellow tint to them. By removing the plaque and tartar, the stains are often removed. Of course, patients can also schedule a professional teeth-whitening treatment to make their teeth even brighter after a cleaning.

Fresh breath

Bad breath is more common than most people realize. The fact is plaque and tartar do not smell good. When it accumulates in the mouth, it can put off an undesirable odor. Subsequently, by removing the plaque and tartar during a thorough dental cleaning, patients typically experience fresh breath that they may not have had before the dental cleaning.

Healthier gums

One of the purposes of dental cleaning is to protect the mouth from gum disease. Some early signs of gum disease include minor swelling, discoloration, and sensitivity. These symptoms often improve after the mouth heals following a dental cleaning procedure. The dentist can also schedule additional treatment, such as the use of a prescribed mouthwash, to help prevent gum disease as well.

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