How Full Mouth Reconstruction Can Help With Dental Form and Function

Full Mouth Reconstruction San Antonio, TX

If you have been deliberating on improving your dental form and function, speak to your dentist about full mouth reconstruction to discover if it is right for you. Many dental patients have various aspects of their smile and general oral health that they would want to modify or enhance. Full mouth reconstruction uses a range of techniques to create a customized treatment plan for you. Patients who have a complete mouth reconstruction generally see an improvement in their smile, oral function, and oral health.

An overview of full mouth reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction might imply different things for different people. This treatment is designed to provide a custom plan for all of a patient's dental requirements. Each procedure in the treatment plan puts patients on the path to achieving their desired smile. Since each patient's complete mouth reconstruction is custom-made for them, results might vary greatly. On the other hand, the dentist would often consider treatment possibilities in a few key areas when considering treatment options, including periodontal therapy, neuromuscular dentistry, veneers, dental implants, bridges, crowns, teeth whitening, and dentures and composite bonding.

The dentist may suggest any or all of the procedures indicated above, depending on the patient's specific needs. However, the ultimate aim is to improve oral health, appearance, and function.

Who is eligible for full mouth reconstruction?

Not every patient is a good candidate for a full mouth reconstruction. If the patient only needs a filling, a full strategy is usually not the best option. Patients with extensive tooth damage, decay, or alignment problems, on the other hand, may benefit from a full mouth reconstruction. Many individuals with periodontal disease might benefit from this service to help restore their gums' health. Advanced periodontal disease may lead to alignment concerns or even tooth loss, necessitating the use of implants or dentures. Many people nowadays want to include teeth whitening into their treatment plans, too.

Dental health improvement

This is often the major goal of the procedure. Many of the issues in the mouth can be resolved with a full mouth reconstruction. Patients can also ensure long-term oral health by resolving some of the underlying issues. Patients who undergo teeth straightening find oral hygiene a lot easier and are better able to prevent cavities and decay.

Stronger dental structure

Properly aligned teeth and a strong bone structure may aid in the long-term preservation of the smile and teeth. Missing or misplaced teeth tend to affect the surrounding teeth as well. In extreme circumstances, this may set off a chain reaction with detrimental consequences throughout the mouth. A healthy and strong dental structure functions more effectively.

Ready to improve your oral and overall health?

There is a demonstrated link between a healthy mouth and overall health. When the mouth is clean and healthy, the rest of the body is likely to be healthy as well. If you think you might need full mouth reconstruction, book an appointment with our dental office today.

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