Choosing the Right Type of Dentures for You

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As you age, you are more likely to lose your teeth to decay, injury, or gum disease. Dentures can help you restore your smile, ensure you can speak and chew properly, and regain your confidence. However, with so many options, deciding what type works for you may feel overwhelming. Understanding your options will help you to make the right decision.

The different types of denture

When it comes to choosing the right replacement teeth, patients have a wide variety of options.

Partial vs. full sets

Prosthetic teeth are available as partial or full sets. Partials are a set of one or more replacement teeth attached to a plastic base roughly the same color as the patient's gums. It may also have a metal framework as a connector. It not only helps with chewing and speaking but also prevents the natural teeth from shifting further. If none of the natural teeth are healthy enough to remain in the mouth, a dentist will provide the patient with a complete set of prosthetic teeth, which are to be used roughly 12 weeks after the natural teeth were removed and the gums have started to heal. 

Different materials available

Dentures can be made using several different materials, including acrylic resin, partial metal, and porcelain. Acrylic resin is a type of plastic and is the most common material used. This is because it is more comfortable, easier to adjust as needed, and more affordable than other materials. However, it also wears out faster and needs to be replaced every five years or so.

Dentures made of partial metal are typically the smallest type, making them easier to adapt to and tolerate. They include high-quality resin teeth that match the color of the patient's natural teeth. They are more costly and labor-intensive, but they look the most natural.

Porcelain is popular among many denture wearers because it is a strong, durable material that looks more natural than acrylic resin. They do cost a bit more, though, and are not suitable for partials because they wear down the natural teeth on either side. 

Dentures that meet the patient's needs

A patient needs to consider several factors when deciding which denture type and material are right for him or her. Factors that could sway the decision include how many teeth need to be replaced, whether the patient has any allergies to certain materials, how soon they wants to be able to wear the new set of teeth, and whether he or she has any dental or oral health issues that could affect the choice. The amount of maintenance a patient wants to put into his or her new teeth and whether he or she wants something removable or permanent are also factors to consider. 


If some or all of your teeth are broken or missing and making it difficult for you to live your life, now is the time to consider dentures. Your dentist can help you determine which type best meets your personal needs and budget. 

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