What a Smile Makeover Can Do for a Gummy Smile

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A gummy smile, the nontechnical term for a smile that shows a large amount of gum tissue, can be resolved with cosmetic dentistry techniques in a smile makeover. Patients do not typically suffer from ill health effects from a gummy smile but may feel emotional distress due to this cosmetic condition.

What causes a gummy smile?

There are several causes of a gummy smile, also referred to as “excessive gingival display.” The most common may simply be caused by the patient having an overgrowth of the gum tissue on the top teeth that starts when the patient’s permanent teeth erupt. Patients with gummy smiles have likely experienced this issue since childhood. Other patients who have just noticed a change in gums should be evaluated to determine whether infection or side effects of common medications may be causing the condition.

Another common cause of a gummy smile is infection. Gums that are infected or inflamed can look larger and more prominent and appear to be covering more of the teeth. If gums are infected, this is a problem that should be taken care of by the dentist before any cosmetic work, such as a smile makeover, is performed on the patient’s smile. Gummy smiles usually do not indicate medical problems, but it is important for patients to be examined by a licensed dentist to ensure the status of oral health before developing a plan to get rid of excess gum tissue. 

How can a smile makeover help with a gummy smile?

Choosing to alter gums may be based on what causes the gummy smile in the first place. It is possible that patients have too much gum tissue, move lips too much when smiling, have a misalignment in the jaw area, or simply have smaller-than-average teeth that exaggerate the appearance of the gums. Patients who have gummy smiles due to gum tissue growing over the teeth may choose to have the extra tissue removed in a gingivectomy, or gum tissue removal, during a smile makeover. Patients with jaw or lip issues may need to speak with the dentist about an individualized treatment plan that could involve injections with fillers or hyaluronic acid to restrict the movement of the lips.

A smile makeover is also a good time to have other services performed that make the teeth more prominent than the gums. Consider teeth whitening and filling in any gaps with bridges or implants to complete the appearance enhancement. 


Gummy smiles do not typically represent health issues, but patients often find these smiles unattractive and wish to remove the excess tissue. A smile makeover from a dental professional can help patients maintain great oral health while changing the look of their smile and showing more clean, healthy teeth as a result. If patients have questions about how a makeover can improve the appearance of teeth or gums, it is important to get in touch with a dental professional for an evaluation.

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