3 Tips to Find a Dentist for Nervous Patients

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It can be difficult to find a dentist for nervous patients. These persons may avoid dental appointments, including routine cleanings, due to fear or anxiety. Determining the root of this intense worry and finding a dentist who can be gentle, sympathetic, and comforting during treatment is crucial to maintaining good dental hygiene for apprehensive patients.

Reasons for dental anxiety

To find a dentist for nervous patients, it is important to develop a good understanding of what is causing the individual’s fear. Try to determine if it originated after a difficult ordeal at the dentist, or if this patient has experienced a lifelong fear of dentists and doctors. 

Anxiety stemming from uncomfortable experiences at the dentist

Patients who have experienced troublesome braces, substandard dental cleanings, or incorrectly managed cavity fillings may associate memories of pain or discomfort with the dentist. Finding a new provider who is aware of treatment options for anxious patients can help these individuals form a new opinion of the profession.

Anxiety due to special needs or sensory difficulties

Some people avoid the dentist because routine visits can be emotionally uncomfortable. Persons who struggle with social anxiety may find it overwhelming to have a dentist or hygienist perform dental work while asking the patient personal questions.

Patients with autism or other conditions that cause extreme sensory difficulties may find that routine teeth cleanings are too unpleasant to handle. There are ways to help patients with special needs undergo a comfortable experience at the dentist, but many individuals are not aware that there could be a solution to this discomfort. 

Tips for locating an appropriate dentist

To find a dentist for patients who do not like dental appointments, know that some creative legwork may be involved. An accommodating dentist can often be found through a personal or professional network.

Ask friends and family for recommendations

Word-of-mouth recommendations are often a good way to find a trustworthy, qualified dental professional who has experience treating patients with anxiety. Visiting such a dentist or speaking with this professional directly may alleviate fears about treatment. Remember, there is no need for patients to commit to a dentist until they feel comfortable doing so.

Contact the child’s teacher or therapist

Elementary school teachers, occupational therapists, and speech therapists are often aware of dentists who work specifically with anxious children or with the special needs population. If the patient has sensory difficulties or other anxiety that is preventing routine dental care from occurring, asking professionals who work with this population may help.

Get a referral from a doctor

Family practice doctors can be great resources for finding other medical and dental professionals. Asking for a referral can be a good way to find a dentist who treats patients with anxiety, especially if the patient is new in town and is unfamiliar with any dental practices. 


It is important to maintain routine examinations and care of the teeth and gums. If dental anxiety is preventing good health, speak with a licensed dentist today to create an agreeable treatment plan to keep gums and teeth as healthy as possible.

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